hey there volunteer!

Thank you for thinking about donating your time! kotikoulu is a free matchmaking service - we'll take your experience, passions and skills and match you with someone you can really help with homeschooling. What that help looks like is up to you! 

We’ve currently split help into two categories:



This is for help with set schoolwork, or more formal learning. Don't be put off - there are huge amounts of information online about all topics and you'll be amazed what you remember from your own school days.


This is broader in scope. It might be for a set school project or a child with an unquenchable enthusiasm for a specific field. Are you an expert in tiger anatomy? A keen amateur ornithologist? Whatever it is we'd love for you to share that passion!  


We’re aware that not everyone is able or comfortable with a video call, so you can opt to have a virtual face-to-face session with your match, or to put together a set of resources to send over email.

All you need to do is fill in our short form and kotikoulu will do the rest!