About Us

All the hard work at kotikoulu is done by our fabulous volunteers, but the behind the scenes kotikoulu is run by...


The kotikoulu coordinator. Before switching to research she worked as a cookery and chemistry teacher in an 11-18 school in south London and she has experience tutoring to undergraduate level. When allowed outside she does outreach across London and beyond, from workshops on the science of food to talks on women and diversity in science. 

Mikkaila is a currently a computational chemistry PhD student at Imperial College London. 

With help from...

SOPHIE who was invaluable at the start of kotikoulu as support and a sounding board. A fellow computational PhD student and an all round code whizz, after Sophie submits her thesis (!) she'll hopefully use her new-found free time to help develop kotikoulu. 

Special shout out to...

- MATT who helped with making sure kotikoulu had an handle on our privacy and data requirements.

- JACK who helped with proof reading.

- TOM and TRICIA, Mikkaila's academic supervisors, who have been fabulously supportive.