Safety Hints

At kotikoulu we're aware that introducing strangers on the internet is not without risk. We recommend you consider the below guidelines to stay safe online. These are by no means exhaustive. 

  • Safeguarding measures protect everyone; the volunteer as well as the caregiver and the child. 
  • We at kotikoulu will always recommend these guidelines are followed, even if in the future we at kotikoulu are able to verify the identity of our users.
  • The responsibility lies with the users of kotikoulu. Please use common sense and follow safe online practices. It's always better to be too cautious!
  • At kotikoulu we support anyone no matter their race, gender identity, sexuality, religion or belief. We will not tolerate abuse on any account. If you have any concerns about a volunteer or a caregiver please email us at
  • kotikoulu is always free. Please report anyone asking for money to

Points to consider

  • We do not recommend the volunteer is given the child’s email address. 
  • We recommend any email contact between the volunteer and the child should always use the caregivers email (or at least have the caregiver cc’d in).
  • We ask that no swearing, slurs or offensive material should be shared. If you experience any of these please report the instance to use at
  • We recommend the caregiver should always remain in the room during any video call with a volunteer. Of course, the whole idea of kotikoulu is to give the caregiver more time back so you can be doing something else!
  • We recommend you do not share your home address.
  • We recommend any images/screenshots should only be taken with the explicit permission of all parties. Should a party wish to share an image/screenshot on social media explicit permission of the other parties must be obtained. We recommend getting this permission by email. 

Code of Conduct

We believe our kotikoulu community is highly responsible but would like to set out our expectations of your conduct. By submitting your details to kotikoulu you agree to adhere to the following. 

  • You will behave in a kind, helpful and courteous way and treat all members of the kotikoulu community with dignity and respect.
  • We're committed to equal opportunity at kotikoulu and have a zero tolerance approach to any discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, gender identity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership or pregnancy and maternity. 
  • You are responsible for any data given to you (for example, the email address of your match) and should take care to make sure this data is not shared beyond yourself, either accidentally or deliberately. 
  • You will disclose personal information with care and only when appropriate. Any personal information disclosed to you must be treated with strictest confidence. Any information you are given that raises concern about the safeguarding of the child must be emailed to kotikoulu, where it may be passed onto the appropriate authorities. 
  • We expect you to make good on your commitments as arranged with either your match or with kotikoulu. 
  • You understand all communications between the volunteer and the child should not occur without the caregiver's express permission and should be transparent and open to scrutiny. We recommend all communications include the volunteer, the child and the caregiver. 
  • You will not identify your kotikoulu match on social media or other outlets without their express permission. 
  • You understand all forms of bullying will not be accepted or condoned.