Even as the UK comes out of lockdown and 'normal' life resumes (get your vaccine!), kotikoulu is still here, offering one-to-one tutoring, in all subjects


Just register in the homeschoolers link above and we'll get to finding your match ASAP.

what's the big idea?

kotikoulu is a free networking service to connect those requiring homeschooling help with those with time to volunteer as tutors. With millions of people across the world isolating or in lockdown, with schools closed and jobs furloughed or lost, and with the usual support networks lost or fractured, we thought kotikoulu could help.


Our aim is to bring together two groups of people:


With schooling disrupted caregivers are suddenly loaded with the responsibility of maintaining a well rounded education for their children, often with their own full time job to contend with and little guidance. 

What homeschoolers need is time!

Homeschooling takes huge amounts of time, from face to face activities with the child to researching and finding the best things to do.



Across the world we've seen a huge outpouring of community driven support, as we do what humans do best and pull together in a time of crisis. But there are limited opportunities for volunteering from home - at kotikoulu we offer just that.  

What volunteers have is time!

Time to help find online teaching activities, time to sit and have a chat about their own area of expertise or time just be someone different to read a story. 


how it works

kotikoulu is a free matchmaking service to connect homeschoolers and volunteers. Here's how it works: 

  1. Sign up! You can find our sign up forms on the drop down menu.
  2. After you've submitted your form we'll pop you in the pool until a suitable match comes along. Please be patient, kotikoulu is brand new so it might take a little time.
  3. When you get a match, you and your match will get an introduction email from hello@kotikoulu.co.uk and then it's up to you! 

You'll have a week to confirm the match (so keep an eye on your spam folder) or you'll be put on hold and your match will be put back in the pool.

Any problems or queries just drop us a line on hello@kotikoulu.co.uk or via social media.