If you can't find your answer below drop us a line at hello@kotikoulu.co.uk.

Why don't you verify kotikoulu users?

We simply don't have the ability yet, but it is something we are looking at implementing in the future. Please do read our safety hints, and use common sense. Treat each other as you would treat a (kind) stranger! 

I have concerns about my match.

Please email us at hello@kotikoulu.co.uk with any concerns.

I want to volunteer, but I'm not sure what I can offer?

Hey, we’re sure you can offer something! We’re planning on putting together a resource guide at some point, but for now we recommend having a little Google of the subjects you are interested in - BBC Bitesize is a great place to start. You absolutely do not need to be an expert; remember, you aren’t replacing formal teaching! We’ve found with a little pre-reading (which takes time a caregiver might not have to give) it’s pretty straightforward to get to grips with where a match might be at.

For exam grades (16-18 years old) the material does become quite specialist and we do recommend some level of subject specific knowledge.

What are your age categories?

We've kept the brackets quite broad on purpose. 

Under 9 - This is up to about UK Year 4/US Grade 3. These age groups don't cover complex material, but can be labour intensive!

Up to 13 - This is the end of UK primary and moving into secondary (Year8/Grade7). 

Up to 16 - This covers GCSEs in the UK. Material is a little more complicated and exam focused. Many schools offer work experience at this stage so an option here is to have a career chat.

Up to 18 - This covers A Levels in the UK. We recommend subject-specific knowledge at this stage. 

I'm under 16, can I volunteer?

We’re still trying to iron out the technicalities of this, so not yet. You can email us at hello@kotikoulu.co.uk to register interest, but please make sure your caregiver has given permission and is cc’d into the email. Another option is to get your caregiver to register on your behalf and act as an intermediary.

I'm a teacher and I want to help!

BRILLIANT. You’re a hero. If this grows we want to be able to offer our volunteers subject and age specific support. Please email us at hello@kotikoulu.co.uk with any ideas of what form this could take/what help you could offer. 

Why 'kotikoulu' and what does it mean?

kotikoulu is the Finnish for 'homeschool' and, honestly? We just really liked the word.